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Month: January 2021

Often times, I wind up securing great settlements on cases for clients, not only because the facts are strong, or the violations bad, but for another main reason – Confidentiality.  That’s right, if an employer settles your case, they are buying your silence.  Generally, employers are willing to overpay for your silence as well, because if it […]

In 2009, the Department of Labor amended its regulations and required employers to provide individual FMLA notices to employees regarding their eligibility and rights under the FMLA (Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities) and to what extent and how long each employee is entitled to FMLA  (Designation Notice).  Therefore, simply putting FMLA rights language in a handbook does not […]

Well- the title is certainly catchy, isn’t it?  But, the mistake nearly every employee makes is nothing to joke about.  Discrimination in the workplace, no matter how severe or improper, may wind up getting dismissed in a court of law for one simple and basic reason – – the employee never brought the conduct to […]

Often times in litigation, cases go to what is referred to as mediation. This is an opportunity for both sides to meet with a neutral third party, who attempts to show each side the strengths and weaknesses of their respective cases, in an effort to bring the parties to a settlement, and avoid the costs […]

Overtime Pay: Understanding Your Rights from Richard Celler The Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA requires workers to be paid overtime pay under certain circumstances. Learn more about overtime pay, its requirements and how it is computed in this presentation.

While most people understand that the minimum wage, generally speaking, represents the lowest rate of hourly compensation many types of employers can legally pay to workers, not everyone has a solid grasp of the wage and hour specifics that apply to different types of business and workplaces. Effective September 30, 2021, in Florida the minimum […]

It is an unfortunately common misconception that employees who are paid a salary are always ineligible to receive overtime payments. The fact of the matter is that an employee’s status as an hourly or a salaried employee is never solely determinative of his or her ability to receive such compensation. The term “salary” simply means […]

By the time they enter the workforce, most people are aware that there are federal laws relating to both the minimum hourly wage and overtime pay in the United States. What they may not know is that those laws are found in the Fair Labor Standard Act, or FLSA, which was originally signed into law […]

What Is the Florida Minimum Wage? from Richard Celler [2021 Update]  Effective September 30, 2021 – Florida labor laws were updated to a minimum wage of $8.65 is increased to $10 per hour, Florida employers, meanwhile, may still continue to take a tip credit of up to $3.02 per hour for those classified as tipped […]

Employment Discrimination in Florida: Should I File a Complaint or a Lawsuit from Richard Celler Since the CRA was passed a number of other federal laws have also been passed that prohibit various types of employment discrimination. Learn more about Employment Discrimination in Florida in this presentation.  

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