Month: January 2021

As a worker in the United States you enjoy a number of protections that workers across the rest of the world may not enjoy. Everything from your working conditions to your wages are likely governed by state and/or federal law that ensure you are not taken advantage of or mistreated by employers. Many employees, however, […]

  A “whistleblower” is someone who comes forward and files a complaint, or otherwise exposes, the illegal or unconscionable activity of an employer. A whistleblower can be a current employee, a past employee, or even a job applicant. Numerous state and federal laws protect whistleblowers who have been retaliated against because of their “whistleblower” activity. […]

One more thing a disabled job applicant needs to know is that the law also protects an applicant from answering medical questions relating to a disability as well as from being required to submit to a medical examination before a job offer has been extended. Topics covered in this report include: What Is Disability Discrimination […]

In the United States both state and federal laws prohibit employment discrimination. Though there are exceptions, the general rule is that employers with 15 or more employees are covered by the various federal anti-discrimination laws. Topics covered in this report include: The Role of the EEOC Federal Employment Discrimination Laws State Employment Discrimination Laws When […]

Older Workers Benefit Protection Act from Richard Celler Applies to the benefits an employer offers employees, such as medical and life insurance, disability benefits, and retirement or pension benefits. Learn more about Older Workers Benefit Protection Act in this presentation.

As a victim of employment discrimination you are likely going through a range of emotions from confusion to anger to fear. Individuals suffer through workplace discrimination far too often because they fear losing their source of income. Topics covered in this report include: Understanding the Law – Federal vs. State Common Forms of Discrimination in […]

To be protected under any of the anti-discrimination laws you must be qualified to perform the job functions with or without reasonable accommodations. Topics covered in this report include: The External of the Problem – How many Disabled Americans are in The Workplace? The Definition of Disabled What is Employment Discrimination based on Disability?  Ability to Perform the Job What Laws Prohibit Disability Discrimination […]

Are You Protected Against Disability Discrimination in the Workplace? from Richard Celler Disability discrimination may occur in all aspects of employment, such as. Learn more about Disability Discrimination in this presentation.  

National Origin Employment Discrimination in Florida from Richard Celler Both federal and state law prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace based on national origin. Learn more about National Origin Employment Discrimination in Florida in this presentation.  

The FLSA also requires workers to be paid overtime pay under certain circumstances. If you regularly work over 40 hours a week, or you work an unusual and/or erratic schedule at your job, you could be entitled to overtime pay. [2021 Update]  Effective Jan 1, 2018 – Florida labor laws were updated to a minimum […]

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