Month: October 2022

As a worker in the United States you enjoy a number of protections that workers across the rest of the world may not enjoy. Everything from your working conditions to your wages are likely governed by state and/or federal law that ensure you are not taken advantage of or mistreated by employers. Many employees, however, […]

We are commonly asked whether an employees full-time or part-time status impacts whether they are entitled to overtime pay in Florida. It’s not uncommon for part-time employees to be asked to work in excess of 40 hours per week – exceeding the FLSA mandated threshold requiring time-and-a-half compensation for hours worked over 40 – but […]

If you are currently working and are pregnant you are likely trying to figure out how to balance the two. One question that many pregnant employees have is “How much leave am I entitled to for being pregnant?” Leave time related to a pregnancy can become a complicated issue that is best discussed with an […]

Whistleblower laws, and the need to proceed with caution, it is always best to consult with an experienced Florida employment law attorney before filing a whistleblower complaint. It may, however, be beneficial to have a basic understanding of how the whistleblower laws work and how they can protect you should you decide to file a […]

Fair Labor Standards from Richard Celler Fair Labor Standards from Richard Celler   Learn more about Fair Labor Standards Act in Florida in this presentation. Who is covered, what is the policy about overtime as well as the minimum wage. Understand also what FLSA says about child labor.

It is an unfortunately common misconception that employees who are paid a salary are always ineligible to receive overtime payments. The fact of the matter is that an employee’s status as an hourly or a salaried employee is never solely determinative of his or her ability to receive such compensation. The term “salary” simply means […]

The distinction between employee and independent contractor can be an extremely important distinction under a number of circumstances. Whether or not you are entitled to workers’ compensation or unemployment, for example, will depend first on whether or not you are an employee. All too often an employer categorizes a worker as an independent contractor because […]

One of the most misunderstood area of employment law are the laws governing tipped employees. Because these employees earn a substantial portion of their income from tips, many people – including both employees and employers – operate under the belief that the federal minimum wage and overtime laws do not apply to them. In fact, […]

In the United States, most workers are protected by various state and federal employment laws that governing things such as discrimination in the workplace, overtime pay, and minimum wages. If you have been in the workforce for more than a few years you have already seen the federal minimum wage change at least once. This […]

When you work in the state of Florida, your employer has certain obligations to you. One of those obligations is to pay you a minimum amount of money for each hour that you worked. Virtually every employee in the state is guaranteed to make minimum wage. This includes part-time or temporary employees as well as […]

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